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Office Design | Staff Morale

If you truly want to make your team feel excited about the prospect of work each morning, the office space has to feel inviting. Staff morale and the office environment play a huge role when it comes to the overall happiness of your team.

There are a number of ways to achieve a welcoming office space, including plenty of natural light, artwork, an abundance of greenery and bold colours. All of these factors can help your team to feel uplifted and result in much higher levels of productivity.

Analysing how your workers operate, their lifestyle, your industry and how they all correlate to your brand image are crucial to designing an office space to love.

Crabtrees General Manager, Kerri Beinke, who was heavily involved in the design of both our Oakleigh and Dandenong offices, weighs in on how the new office designs have improved productivity and morale without sacrificing functionality.

‘During the design process, it was important we considered a number of features. We wanted the team to feel an ownership of their workspace, to have a place where they belong. We also wanted to ensure our team had greater storage for the way they work and to keep their workspace tidy, leading to a calmer environment. Messy spaces lead to a more chaotic atmosphere. We also considered the acoustics in open plan areas as well as room for future growth and the experience of our clients when visiting our offices,’ says Kerri.