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Wayss Client Journey - Part Two

When 20 Princes Highway, Dandenong was first listed, the site was being offered to the market as four separate office/retail spaces ranging in sizes from 275sqm to 635sqm. The site had been vacant for some time and the landlord had earmarked the property for some significant refurbishment works to modernise the property.

Wayss submitted an online enquiry indicating an interest in the property. They had 
quite specific requirements and had trouble finding something to suit their needs. They required well over 1,000sqm of floor space and didn’t want any disjointed space – they wanted to work in a cohesive manner on one floor. Due to the nature of their services, they needed an easily accessible, freestanding space.’ – Megan Miles, Senior Executive.

The initial inspection was attended by Brian Madden, General Manager of Wayss. 
Following this, the CEO attended an inspection as well as various other stakeholders. ‘They knew what they wanted. From a tenant perspective they were very easy to work with. From a landlord perspective there was obvious attraction to lease to one tenant,’ says Megan.

The negotiation, including council approvals and refurbishment planning lasted approximately six months, in which time Megan notes the Landlord was very accommodating in assisting the Tenant.

‘There were many meetings on site between Wayss, their design team, ODC Design, 
the Landlord and the Landlord’s architect. A lot of parties were involved because they had to be,’ says Megan. Once commercial terms are agreed to, most agents are no longer involved. Megan, however, continued to attend all meetings, offering outstanding service to both the Tenant and Landlord.

Wayss were specific in their requirement to be in Dandenong. While the site wasn’t really 
an office – it was more suited to retail – we were able to convert it to what is really going to be a destination for a lot of people. The landlord, who runs a property development group was very diligent throughout the whole negotiation. They were already prepared to invest in a construction refurbishment, so it was great timing for both parties. I haven’t seen any sites on the market since that would be so perfectly suited to Wayss.’